RDA3 Vision and strategic direction

Conference on “Priority projects for the Development of the Region no. 3 (Korçë, Elbasan, Berat)”
RDA3 Presentation
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RDA3 Vision and strategic direction


Region 3 (County: Korçë, Elbasan and Berat) current mission is to turn the region in one of the most attractive economic and touristic areas in Albania, through promoting the region’s resources and natural potentials, such as agriculture, natural and cultural tourism, hydro resources etc.

While carefully implementing current plans, RDA3 has created a vision of its future and has identified clear strategies needed to get there.

Increasing the positive image of the RDA3 and its economic prosperity through:

  • Korça’s airport
  • National routs Berat – Çorovodë, Çorovodë – Korçë, Çorovodë – Gramsh dhe Korçë – Gramsh.
  • National routes Ersekë – Leskovik – Përmet
  • National routes Qukës – Qafë Plloce
  • Railway Gur I Kuq – Qafë Thanë – Maqedoni
  • Railway Gur I Kuq – Pogradec – Korçë – Kapshticë – Greqi
  • Tourist Ring Road of the Lake of Ohrid – Cross border
  • Tourist Ring Road of the Prespa Lakes – Cross border
  • TAP project implementation
  • Massive forestation of the regional national parks